Big Football Day Out – fantastic morning!

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Big Football Day Out – fantastic morning!

20160521 102859 Bridgebulider big day out, StadiumMK 20160521 102738 Bridgebulider big day out, StadiumMKWhat a fantastic morning was had by all! There was a good crowd in the stand supporting the teams and the rain held off. The teams (Bridgebuilder All Stars and MK Churches Untd) were on good form, and looked the part too!  There was excitement on the pitch and off it as the goals (and the saves) increased, and the final score was 5-3 to Bridgebuilder All Stars.  The All Stars goalie, Steve, suffered an injury in the first 10 minutes, and had to retire to the bench (and then A&E…after the game, of course!).  Our best wishes go to him for a quick recovery – and our thanks go to Simon, substitute goalie, who did a fantastic job in his place.  The only girl on the pitch (playing for the All Stars) scored one of the goals – well done to Jess!  Our huge thanks go to all the players on both teams – you gave us all a fantastic match to enjoy.

There was a cup and a small medal for the winning team, a ‘Man of the Match’ award for each team, and a trophy for the BFDO organiser too!  Our thanks go to Tim and his co-organisers for all they have done in the run-up to the event and on the day, and thanks to MK Dons too!  Sincere thanks also to everyone else who supported this fantastic fundraising effort – whether through playing on one of teams, volunteering beforehand or on the day, cheering from the stands or supporting financially.  We raised £1197.76 on the day and £1953.55 beforehand by the players (minus the pitch hire).

So far – a total of £3,151.31 has been raised for our work in schools!

If you would like to give financially and have not yet done so, please visit our page and you will see that under ‘top fundraisers’ you can scroll along through all the players’ pages and choose who you would like to sponsor.

And if you missed out on attending BFDO 2016 – look out for the next one!