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About us

Who we are and what we do

Bridgebuilder is a Christian schools work charity that has been supporting schools in Milton Keynes for over 25 years. We currently visit over 100 primary and secondary schools across the city and surrounding villages to support schools with pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as well as Christianity through religious education.

We enable pupils to explore positive values and the Christian faith, in accessible and memorable ways through assemblies, RE lessons and projects.

Our activities are interactive, fun, inspiring, and educational, using drama, games, group activities, personal reflection, stories, video clips and talks.  All of our services are inclusive and suitable for pupils and staff of all faiths and none.

We encourage pupils to explore their own values & beliefs by thinking through themes such as fear, honesty, peer pressure, generosity, respect, friendship & self-esteem.  We aim to empower all pupils regardless of faith or belief to think responsibly, build good character, reach their potential & positively impact their surroundings.

All of our services to schools are designed to support teachers with the Ofsted and curriculum requirements of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development, collective worship through assemblies and Religious Education.  The core of our work is providing schools with assemblies, lessons, projects and off-timetable activities.  For a full list of current projects and services we offer schools please see our What we do in schools page.


Our focus is to help children and young people consider their beliefs, explore Christianity and make positive life choices.

We do this through our three objectives –


  • We support children and young people’s education in Christian faith and values from a personal perspective.
  • We enable children and young people to explore the Christian faith in accessible and memorable ways through assemblies, RE, lessons and projects.
  • We communicate in a manner appropriate to children and young people of all faiths or no faith, encouraging them to explore their own values and beliefs.


  • We seek to empower all children and young people regardless of faith or belief to think responsibly, reach their potential and make a positive impact on their surroundings.
  • We empower young Christians to be confident in their faith and be a positive influence.


  • We believe children and young people of all backgrounds benefit from positive role models so we seek to use our connections with churches to engage suitable individuals in volunteer opportunities within their local school(s).
  • We engage young people with the Christian community by developing opportunities for them to visit local churches through a variety of projects.
  • We support the engagement of children and young people in their own communities through pro-active networking with children’s and youth workers.


Meet the team

  • Maria Scott

    Maria Scott

    Primary Schools Worker (part-time) Maria delivers assemblies, lessons and other projects four days a week (Monday to Thursday). Maria ...
  • Geoff Morris

    Geoff Morris

    Voluntary Schools Worker Geoff presents assemblies to primary schools and helps with primary school projects – Christmas ...
  • Carol Wheatle

    Carol Wheatle

    Team Leader & Schools Worker  Carol is lively and has a great sense of humour. She has ...
  • Becky Lawrence

    Becky Lawrence

    Secondary School Team Leader (part-time) Becky oversees the secondary team, delivers secondary schools work three days a ...
  • Rachel Foster

    Rachel Foster

    Primary School Team Leader (full-time) Rachel oversees the primary team and coordinates our work with primary schools ...

We also have a team of volunteers who help us in the office with general administration and resourcing our projects, and some volunteers who support us in our work in schools.  We take the recruitment of staff and volunteers seriously and have a safeguarding policy.

Contact us:
General enquiries: office@mkbt.org.uk or 01908 270670
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We have a dedicated group of Trustees who oversee the management of the trust and work alongside staff to determine priorities, maintain vision, and help facilitate growth.  Trustees are from a range of local churches and volunteer their skills and experience, including education, youth work, business, church or charity work, to further the work of the trust.  Our team of trustees are Rev’d Brian Stocker (Interim Chair), Rev’d Chris Bell (Secretary), Trevor Crowter (Treasurer), Andrew Ware (Health and Safety) Dr Sola Adesola (Human Resources) Al Richardson (Safeguarding).

If you would like to contact the trustees, please contact our office or contact Rev Brian Stocker  directly.

Bridgebuilder is a Christian schools ministry trust and has charity status, we are non-denominational and inclusive, drawing support from a range of local churches, businesses and individuals. We are dependent on financial gifts from local churches, individual Christians, and schools, and occasional grants from trusts.


Our links with Scripture Union

We have ‘Local Mission Partner’ status with Scripture Union, benefiting as a trust from their advice and support.